In-Car Video Systems

COBAN manufactures state-of-the-art mobile data computers and digital video recording equipment for the public safety, utility, and military community. In addition to cutting edge mobile computing devices and digital video technology, COBAN employs the latest communication, database, and storage technologies to deliver complete and scalable solutions to our customers, regardless of the size of the agency.

coban fusion hd coban edge hd high definition coban titan m7 m7v
A True Turnkey Solution
Compact, and Easy-to-Use
Rugged Design
FailSafe Technology
Rapid Exchange Program
Video Stream
FailSafe Technology
Dual Drive Solid State Architecture
Wide-Angle Front Camera and Deep Zoom
Touch Screen-Based Interface
Unprecedented power and speed
Tough Extreme Design
Stay connect w/ Wifi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, and more...
Built-in Smart Power Module
Brightest, 1600-nit LED Touchscreen Monitor
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