System Overview
  • 32GB solid-state internal, fail-safe hard drive (upgradable to 64GB), more durable and faster than standard CF, SDHC, or P2 cards
  • 32GB solid-state ruggedized, removable hard drive (upgradable to 64GB)
  • Built in RFID enables quick login without a keyboard
  • Instant Replay feature (patent pending): Unlimited pre/post-event recording setting, department definable
  • Multiple, configurable recording triggers (light bar, speed, etc.)
  • MD5 Hash Algorithm maintains video integrity by producing a unique digital signature with each video

  • Records video in industry-standard H.264 format (D1 at 30 fps)
  • Records simultaneously from up to 2 cameras
  • Records up to 75 hours of 30 fps video

  • Wireless mic operating range of up to 1000 feet
  • Two programmable mic buttons assign functions such as bookmark, mute, snapshot, etc.

Data Transfer
  • Hands-free system updates via wireless, wired, or removable drive
  • Wireless upload/download support (802.11 a/g/n and optional WiMax)
  • Long life-cycle, removable solid-state hard drive with fast read/write speeds
  • Wired upload/download support via high-speed Gigabit Ethernet for fast video transfer
  • Checkpoint video transfer allows vehicles to halt a wireless upload and resume transfer from the same point at a later time

  • Removable, ruggedized, hard drive functions as a backup upload solution if wireless is unavailable
  • Tested to MIL SPEC standards (MIL STD 810-F) for temperature, shock, and vibration
  • Subjected to Highly Accelerated Life Tests (HALT)

Event Data and Meta Data
  • Log event data (event type, offender information, ticket number, case number, etc.) with weather-proof button interface
  • Each video can synchronize information such as GPS, radar, speed, and more

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EDGE-MC on a Harley Davidson (above)
EDGE-MC on a Honda (above)
EDGE-MC on a BMW (above)