• TELL THE WHOLE STORY Police vehiclesCOBAN in-car and body camera videos work hand-in-hand to provide a complete chain of custody.
  • ALL HD, ALL THE TIME. police vehicles
Let FUSION HD take the burden of video quality selection from your officers. We deliver all high definition video, all the time.
  • Digital Video Management System police vehicles and body cams
Automation system that helps system administrators focus on overall system performance without getting bogged down in operational details.
  • Advanced Electro-Optical Systems
Designed to be the new leader in law enforcement speed measurement, the DragonEye Speed Lidar® provides superior target acquisition and range performance in a compact, lightweight package.
2 Digital Video Management System
3 Advanced Electro-Optical Systems

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COBAN: End-to-End In-Car Video Solutions for Public Safety

COBAN has worked with the public safety community to provide in-car video, body cameras, mobile computers, and evidence management solutions since 2002. From the time of capture to the time it goes to court, we provide an end-to-end solution.

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