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First Responder Appreciation Program

Posted by Mark Griffin on April 27, 2020



Safe Fleet will donate back to your agency, up to 10% of the total purchase price of any Safe Fleet Law Enforcement evidence capture device.

Thank You for Your Loyalty and Service

COBAN and Mobile-Vision appreciate your loyalty and service during these difficult times. In honor of the critical services and extra miles you go during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Safe Fleet would be honored to donate towards your efforts to keep first responders protected and prepared.

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Our Commitment to Serving you with Excellence

Our In-Car Video and Body-Worn Camera systems have proven their effectiveness with their longevity and durability in the field. Our systems are engineered to hold up to the rigors put on them by law enforcement officers. As we move forward, let’s team together to make sure that all of our first responders are equipped with our latest technology to keep them safe and provide them with Safe Fleet’s most current solutions to capture, store, and analyze data.

Our newest video capture technologies are engineered to be compatible with your existing Safe Fleet back-office digital evidence management system. This will allow you to start transitioning your fleet to the newest technology on your own agency’s schedule and budget.

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Learn more about our Body-Worn Camera systems

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