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First Responder Appreciation Program

Posted by Mark Griffin on April 27, 2020


Safe Fleet will donate back to your agency, up to 10% of the total purchase price of any Safe Fleet Law Enforcement evidence capture device.

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Topics: body cameras, police video camera, officer safety

Body Cameras & Dash Cams Need to Be Recording

Posted by Doug Dickerson on August 3, 2017

Recently, a woman was mistakenly shot by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The officer was sitting in his police car when the shooting occurred. Unfortunately, none of the body cameras or in-car video systems were recording during the incident.

The lack of recording evidence makes it difficult to understand what happened. As a result, the police department has received a lot of criticism. The situation became so...

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Topics: body cameras, police car cameras, police video camera

Police Car Cameras & Body Cameras are Both Needed

Posted by Doug Dickerson on May 3, 2017

Should police departments still use police car cameras once they've deployed body cameras? YES.

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Topics: body cameras, police car cameras, police video camera

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