Police video management software

COBAN Technologies is changing how police departments and public safety agencies capture and manage video and other evidence. We help police departments improve officer safety and efficiency, and maintain public trust, via our ecosystem of FOCUS digital evidence capture and COMMAND digital evidence management products.

COBAN’s FOCUS ecosystem is comprised of:

  • Body cameras (BWC), also called body cams
  • In-car video systems (ICV), also called police car cameras or police car video systems
  • Internet-of-things (IoT) devices, like wearables or drones
  • Field software applications
  • Third party products

COBAN’s COMMAND ecosystem is comprised of:

  • Video management software
  • Digital evidence management software
  • Case management software
  • Video redaction software
  • Local and cloud storage equipment
  • Advanced back-office applications, like video analytics
  • Third party products
All of these hardware and software products connect, communicate, and share information to make police departments safer, more efficient, and trusted by the public.

digital video evidence management system

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