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police car video systems


  • EDGE takes the guess work out of video quality selection,
    offering uncompromised quality with every second of video captured.

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video cameras in police cars

FailSafe Technology

  • Redundancy when you need it the most. Video is captured twice onto two independent drives. The camera continuously records to the internal drive, while storing event-based videos on the removable drive. Retrieve footage from hours or even days before, no matter what the system’s recording status was at the time of the incident.

video cameras in police cars
in car camera systems police

Wide-Angle Front Camera and Deep Zoom

  • The EDGE wide-angle camera provides a 56 degree viewing angle and 28X optical zoom.

police in car video system

Touchscreen-Based Interface

  • Designed for ease of use. Our 5.7” touchscreen-based user interface eliminates the need for hard-wired buttons on the control module.

edge hd monitor
in car camera system for police

Smart Power Module

  • COBAN’s smart power module is not just a backup battery. It has sophisticated power management logic and a built-in uninterrupted power supply.

police dash cams

Intelligent Wireless Microphone Design

The COBAN fully customizable wireless microphone allows users to initiate recording, and trigger up to two user-defined functions, remotely.

Long Range- Up to 1,000 ft – much better signal penetration that 2.4GHz.
Long Talk/Standby Time- 25 hours talk time / 7 days standby.
Automatic Mode Switch- 900MHz, Digital Spread Spectrum – 20 channels auto-switched.
Programmable Buttons- 2 programmable buttons: Mute, Marker, Snapshot, Covert Transport, Auto Zoom.
Three Separate Channels- Up to 2 wireless mics and 1 hardwired covert mic.

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Monitor: 5.7" LED backlit TFT LCD panel w/ Touchscreen
  Brightness: 500cd/m2 | Resolution: 640x480
Audio: 900 Mhz Digital Spread Spectrum | 3 audio channels
Smart Power Supply: Fully compliant ISO-7637-2:2004 Vehicle
Front HD Camera: 28X Optical zoom | 12X Digital Zoom | 56 Deg. FOV
Rear Camera: IR Camera | 130 Deg. FOV
MIL-SPEC: Highest standard for mobile equipment in our industry

More Information

PDF BROCHURE: Download COBAN EDGE In-Car Video System brochure.