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The Compact,
Affordable, Turnkey
In-Car-Video Solution

  • Install or move between vehicles quickly and easily.

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police car cameras systems


  • FUSION HD captures HD video with every recording, eliminating the need for officers to select video quality on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, high profile encoding means you always get smaller file sizes to make the most of your storage.

police in-car cameras


  • Built from the ground up and certified to meet military specifications, COBAN’s rugged solution is designed to withstand the harsh conditions police vehicles encounter in the field.

police in-car video systems
police video camera systems


  • Learn to use the system in less than ten minutes. The intuitive user interface means minimal training time, and allows the system to be easily integrated into the officers’ day-to-day routines.

in car cameras for police

FailSafe Technology

  • To ensure that your digital evidence is captured and secure, COBAN’s in-car video systems have light bar and unique sensor activation for event-based video recording. To assure that a critical video is not missed, COBAN’s FailSafe technology continuously records to a separate and secure 64GB internal drive. In the event that the in-car video system was not manually triggered, video on the FailSafe drive can be retrieved. 

police vehicle camera system

Smart Power Management

  • With sophisticated power management and uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Smart Power Module regulates vehicle voltage, protecting your vehicle’s battery and the system’s own power supply. It also prevents video corruption by automatically initiating a proper shutdown procedure if vehicle battery loss occurs. 

in car video camera for law enforcement

Rapid Exchange Program

We understand that video is critical and down-time can be costly. The COBAN Rapid Exchange program is designed to minimize downtime for law enforcement when a repair is needed on a FUSION system. Simply fill out the online RMA form, print the UPS shipping label and ship the system to us. You can expect a replacement system the next day.
No Red Tape. No Hassle.

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Video: 720P (1280 x 720) 30fps
  HDR output for automotive environment
Power Consumption: 0.95A/12Vdc without UPS charging
  1.20A/12Vdc with UPS charging
Horizontal field of view: 70 Degrees
Vertical field of view: 51 Degrees
Diagonal field of view: 89 Degrees
UPS Battery: Polymer Li-ion Battery 2000 mAh/3.7V
Storage: Internal: 64GB wide temperature SSD
  Removable: 64GB wide temperature Thumb Drive
G-Sensor: Dual-Axis Intertial accelerometer w/ Low pass filter
Monitor: 4.3" LCD LED backlight touch monitor
Dimensions: 7.5"(W) X 4.33"(D) X 1.96"(H)
Speaker: 3.5 Watt
Camera Options: Optional rear seat camera
MIL-STD-810G: Operation Temperature: -20C - +60C, -4F - +140F

More Information

PDF BROCHURE: Download COBAN FUSION In-Car Video System brochure.