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police car computer


  • Titan M7 delivers the most intelligent mobile office for law enforcement, offering a combination of mobile computing and digital video all in one seamless platform.

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police in car computer

The Power Built for Law Enforcement

  • 256GB Internal SSD, 32GB Removable SSD - There's no tradeoff between video quality and storage capacity.

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TITAN FailSafe

  • The camera continuously records to the internal drive, allowing administrators to retrieve footage from hours or even days before, no matter what the system’s recording status was at the time of the incident.

police computers in cars
computer system for police car

The Visibility You Need - Day or Night.

  • 1600 Nit - Our 12.1" 1600-nit LED touch-screen monitor is the brightest in the industry, and shows every detail from every angle, even in bright sunlight. Keyboard backlighting eases data entry in darkness. Designed for ease of use.

police car computers

Stay Connected

  • Built in 802.11 a,g,n / Bluetooth, GPS - TITAN M7 unlocks barriers with an array of possibilities: Bluetooth, Broadband (3G/4G), WAN, WiFi, and more. GPS is optional

mobile computers system for police
police mobile computers


  • Intel i7, 8GB Ram, Windows 7 64Bit - TITAN M7 delivers maximum power in a single solution, saving where it matters most. It consumes LESS energy, which translates to MORE power to run other systems in the vehicle; and it takes LESS space, giving law enforcement MORE elbow room in their vehicle.

police car laptop

Intelligent Wireless Microphone Design

The COBAN fully customizable wireless microphone allows users to initiate recording, and trigger up to two user-defined functions, remotely.

Long Range- 900MHz to 1,000 Ft. much better signal penetration that 2.4GHz.
Long Talk/Standby Time- 12 hours continuous talk / 7 days standby.
Automatic Mode Switch- 900MHz, Digital Spread Spectrum - 20 channels auto-switched.
Programmable Buttons- 2 programmable buttons. Mute, Marker, Snapshot, Covert Transport, Auto Zoom.
Three Separate Channels- Up to 2 wireless mics and 1 hardwired covert mic.

echo docking station
CPU: Intel® Core i7-620LE Processor (4 MB Cache, 2.00 GHz)
  DDRIII 4 GB standard/8 GB maximum industrial RAM
  Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional OS, 32/64 bit
Display: 12.1” active matrix color, resistive touch screen (Glove Friendly)
  Resolution 1024x768 XGA | 1300 Nit LED Backlight
  Built-in Bluetooth receiver and antenna on display
Storage: Internal solid-state drive, 256 GB standard
  Solid-state removable drive for video storage
(32 GB and 64 GB options)
Wireless: Built-in 802.11 a/g/n card and antenna connectors
  Express Card slot for 3G/4G interface
Power: Built-in UPS | Power consumption: 4 amps (normal usage)
MIL-SPEC 810G: Temperature Operational + 140°F to - 4°F

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